Christmas Events

Volcanes School Christmas Parties 
    On this Web Site, we try to show a little of what is being done to help the kids at the Volcanes school in Puerto Vallarta.  Over the years, we've raised funds to buy Christmas presents for the poorest kids of Puerto Vallarta Mexico; those in the Volcanes area of the city.  We're always very grateful for the support received so far. And every year we hope to be able to buy each of the children at this school a present of a Christmas Toy.
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2014 - Christmas Angels Concerts 
    In 2014, a new tradition began with concerts hosted on the hillside steps next to The Swede's at the corner of Alas Altas and Pulpito. 
2011 to 2014 - Kieler Family Christmas Trips    
Every year, Keiler family arranges for students to go on a day trip during the holidays.  These excursions allow these children to see the city and countryside around them in a new light.  

Giving Each Small Child a Lifelong Memory
    Those lucky enough to visit the Volcanes school can easily see it definitely is Puerto Vallarta poorest area. But it does have the luck of having a very loving and dedicated school principal. She wants to see her kids rise up out of this dust and poverty. We want to help in a small way. We know that these children will always remember that special Christmas were they each got to choose that special present. It is for this reason that we happily volunteer each year to help. Let us know if you would like to help us as well.

Puerto Vallarta Hit by Hard Economic Times
    In the past 3 or 4 years, the Mexican port city of Puerto Vallarta has suffered through the exodus of tourist caused by misdirected fears of the Swine Flu followed by another massive drop in visitors due to the financial crisis and drug violence centered near the US border. Even though, PV was never touched by the flu, continues to be very safe for tourists, and is one of the best value place to take a vacation, local hotels & businesses are still taking a huge hit and have laid off much of their staff.
    These layoffs have had massive repercussions for the people in this city as more and more hotels, restaurants and tour companies lay off the parents of these kids. And the poorest of the poor in PV live in the Volcanes area of the city and cannot afford to purchase a toy or other special present for their children on Christmas morning.
Volcanes School is one of Puerto Vallarta's Poorest
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