Yearly Christmas Parties

    Every year, the Volcanes Community Education Project holds a party for the students who participate in extra after-school English and Computer classes.  This year on December 13th, three parties were held for the students attending the Volcanes Community Education Project.  
    Almost 200 children who attend Primary school in the afternoon and attend the Volcanes Education Program's extra English and Computer classes attended a fun morning party where they each received a Christmas toy.  It was a very fun day for the many Volunteers as well as the children.  In the Afternoon another party for the other 200 VCEP students who go to the Primary School in the morning.  Then late in the afternoon, a last party for the VCEP students who attend Junior and Senior High school.  It was a lot of work and many thanks the sponsors of the party who paid for all the presents. 
    This year, an American couple; Dina and Andy who are long term Donors to the Volcanes Project help pay for all the presents and toys for the children at these parties.  Without them, no toys could have been provided.
   Also helping out in a major way is the Hard Rock Hotel who showed up again with lots of entertainment, treats for the children and another donation to help pay the teachers.  Thank you "Hard Rock Hotel" (click here) for your continuing support.  

Volcanes School is one of Puerto Vallarta's Poorest
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