2012 Christmas Parties
For 2012, Art Fumerton and the VCEP held two Christmas Parties at the Volcanes school.  
In Mexico, money is always tight with government schools so they divide the students into two groups and use the school twice each day.   
    So half attend school in the morning from about 7am until 1pm then these children go home and are replaced by another group of boys and girls from 2pm to 7pm.  Each session has their own teachers and even have different principals.   In 2011, only the morning school program were enrolled in the VECP.  
    For 2012 all morning and afternoon session students are now enrolled so we want to make certain they got presents thus two parties were needed.  One Morning Party for the 250 morning students and another Afternoon Party for the 150 afternoon students.
    These parties provided gifts for all 400 children attending the Volcanes primary School in Puerto Vallarta.    
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