2012 Afternoon Party
    On December 13, 2012 the Christmas Party for the Volcanes school was held.  Instead of writing a thousand words about how wonderful the party went and the fun we had, we though some pictures would speak for us.  Thank you again to all the Donors to the Christmas Toy Drive and for the Volunteers in Puerto Vallarta who make these parties possible.  
    The Volcanes School has no money to hold a party and all the cost of putting these parties on relies on volunteers and donations.  Thank you for your support.

It's a few hours before the Party and Volunteer Paulette is stuffing the van with toys for the 150 boys and girls
who attend the afternoon session at the Volcanes School

When the Volunteers arrive, they are greeted by a covered stage setup and are asked to sit for a special presentation.

The Boys and Girls of the Afternoon Volcanes School put on a wonderful folkloric dance to thank the Volunteers

Three different dances from different age groups are presented.  These children are wearing very nice costumes.

Volunteers watch on for this special treat.

The Principal of the Volcanes School Afternoon School has one of the students read a message of thank you to the Volunteers.

Every boy and girls is give a Burger King Hamburger & Fries, a drink as well as cake.

After all the Boys and Girls in the Party have received their Burgers, Fries, Drinks, and Cake, Volunteers Penny and Paulette 
make certain that hungry children and family members watching outside the gate are also fed.

One of the children watching the party outside the fence with his mother. 

Students from the British American School of Puerto Vallarta showed up to donate small plush toys for each child.

This little boy gets to select his toy for Christmas.

This little girl is sooooo happy with her new doll.

These Boys know their choice of Soccer Ball as a toy means they will have lots of fun with their friends.

Two Bicycles and two portable stereos are drawn.  This little girl is a happy winner.

This little boy was one of the dancers and he chose a skateboard as a toy.  He also won one of two portable stereos.  
Behind him are several mothers of the school's boys and girls watching the happiness of the party.  

After the party, the volunteers climb back aboard the vans and start heading back on dirt roads to the sunshine coast of 
distant Puerto Vallarta, the luxury hotels, and to our homes.  On the bumpy ride, home the volunteers trade touching 
stories, tell of encounters with a special child, a beautiful sight they were able to see.  
I know I will never forget December 13, 2012 and neither will they.  

Slide Show of All Photos from the 2012 Volcanes School Afternoon Christmas Party