2012 Volcanes Kindergarten Christmas Party 
    On Monday December 17, 2012, the small Volcanes Kindergarten School with 50 boys and girls had their first ever Christmas Party. Eagle Wings Foundation came through with funding to give this poorest area of Puerto Vallarta a special day.  Art Fumerton brought along a Piñata, candy and sodas as well as small plush toys and candy for each child. He was extremely grateful to Sara for Angel Wings Foundation's donation to this little forgotten school.
    Angel Wings Foundation even got a hamburger vendor to bring his portable grill to the school, purchased toys for each little boy and girls and brought along the tastiest chocolate cake that was a big hit with the children, teachers, volunteers as well as the family members and siblings watching from outside the school. 

The little boys and girls carry their tables and chairs to the play area.

Volunteer Paulette from Shediac NB, Canada helps set up these girls' table.

This table of four four boys are really excited about the party.

The children play fun games at the Christmas Party

A Pi
ñata gets a good hit by this little girl trying to break it open and get the candy inside to fall out.

Volunteer Paulette helps a teacher serve these boys a fresh made burgers and potato chips.

Deborah and Sara hand each girl a special doll or toy.

A happy little boy with his Christmas Toy.

Sara carries a box of Dolls for Deborah to give each girl.

At the end of the Party, the little boys and girls can't wait to go home and play with their toys.

Slide Show of All Photos from the 2012 Volcanes School Kindergarten Christmas Party