2012 Morning Party
    On December 12, 2012 the Christmas Party for the Volcanes school was held.  Instead of writing a thousand words about how wonderful the party went and the fun we had, we though some pictures would speak for us.  Thank you again to all the Donors to the Christmas Toy Drive and for the Volunteers in Puerto Vallarta who make these parties possible.  
    The Volcanes School has no money to hold a party and all the cost of putting these parties on relies on volunteers and donations.  Thank you for your support.

It's early in the morning and the volunteers meet at Soriana's to pick up the cakes and board the vans heading
to the Volcanes Primary School for the Morning Christmas Party for 250 boys and girls.

Upon arriving at the school, the Volunteers (John from PEI) began carrying the toys from the locked classroom to the party.

As the Volunteers set out the toys, we here and see the excited and smiling children in the school behind us.
They can't wait.

All 250 toys are laid out so the children can see them from where they sit.

Finally, the children rush out to get a seat.  The tables, chairs and shady area was set up by a group of local
parents; mostly mothers, who were so warm and welcoming in appreciation for the gifts their children would soon receive. 

The first toy each of these children received is a plush toy and bag of candy donated by other children
from Puerto Vallarta who attend the British American School.

Tom's crazy idea was to give each child a colored and numbered shape to divide the kids into groups.  
Then a colored shape was selected at random by a teacher and those thirty some children got to choose a toy.

Art and his daughter look on as the children with Green Apple tickets got to choose first.

Peter is pointing the boys to other toys for these boys with Green Apple tickets.

One by one, all eight groups of children are randomly selected in a drawing which excite the kids.
This boy is Orange Flower and he has a new soccer ball.

This picture and his smile are worth a thousand words.

Now the children need to be fed.  The school principal in blue is taking a picture of Peter in stripes and English teacher Meagan.

John & Brenda from PEI Canada as well as a student from the British American School in Puerto Vallarta
help give out a Burger King burger and fries to each child.

Under the hot Mexican sun, Yearly Fundraisers for the Toy Drive Rob and Patrick from Kamloops pass out Cake to each boy and girl. 

Don, Art and Patrick look on as one of the Two Grand Prize Bikes is won by this young girl.
Two smaller Grand Prizes of portable Stereo's (above Don's shoulder) were also raffled off.

Behind the fence, some of the children's parents look on with younger brothers and sisters.
Peter's donation each year of all the food is always enough to have extras for them as well.

These are the Volunteers who made this Christmas Party possible.   Each gave up a day on the beach or at their resort to
travel to Volcanes and help in the creation of a very special day in the lives of these children.  In one of the poorest
areas of Mexico, each of the volunteers was made to feel welcomed and appreciated.  

After the party, the volunteers climb back aboard the vans and start heading back on dirt roads to the sunshine coast of
distant Puerto Vallarta, the luxury hotels, and to our homes.  On the bumpy ride, home the volunteers trade touching
stories, tell of encounters with a special child, a beautiful sight they were able to see.  
I know I will never forget December 12, 2012 and neither will they.  

Slide Show of All Photos from the 2012 Volcanes School Morning Christmas Parties