Education Project
Colonia Volcanes, 
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    The Volcanes Community Education Project is a community project in all sense of the word. The community supports the programs and is involved in the daily operations of each of the programs. IT TAKES A COMMUNITY….. That is Colonia Volcanes.


   The Volcanes Community Education Project consists of three programs: the Volcanes Kids Education Program, the Volcanes Sewing School and now the Volcanes Community Center.


   The Volcanes Kids Education Program was started in 2011. Now in our 7th year, we have an enrollment of 400 students, grades 1 through 12 who come voluntarily each day to our program, before or after attending their regular public school. Our classes are from 9 am to 6 pm and the Community Library is open until 9pm.


Volcanes Kids Education Program Highlights
2017 – 2018

  • 400 students, grades 1 – 12, volunteer before/after school program. Hours 9 am to 9 pm
  • Renovated old primary school building; one computer lab, two English classrooms, two room library, Spanish reading Intervention classroom and music classroom. All rooms have large TV screen with internet/Skype capabilities and A/C
  • Computer lab 20 laptops
  • English classrooms large TV screen
  • Library; 4,000 books Spanish and English, large TV screen and 20 laptops for student homework. Hours 4 to 9 pm entire community.
  • Character Counts classes for all students once a month
  • Music class 4 to 6 pm Mon. through Fri, 45 new wind instruments
  • Book Club; 30 Amazon Fire readers, 35 members, meet every other Saturday morning.
  • Supplemental Math Class 45 students. Meets Tue, Thur 4-6, Sat 10-12.
  • Kids Club ; 30 members grades 1 through 6, meet every Saturday morning
  • Soccer Teams; one over 14 years and the other under 14, total 50 players play in local league
  • Scholarship program; students grade 7 through university; must maintain grade average 8.5 perform service to community 4 hours per month. 80 scholarship this year, 14 in university (two 3rd year medical school.
  • The Community Brigade is made up of 40 scholarship students who do their service in the Community Brigade, cleaning the school and areas in Volcanes that need their help. They can be seen on Saturdays around the neighborhood cleaning and helping people in need.



Insure that all of our students graduate high school and to support any student

that wants to continue on to university or take advanced training courses

 with additional scholarships or other help. xxx