Visiting the Volcanes School in Puerto Vallarta
    Each time you go to the Volcanes School, you're amazed at how primitive conditions are in a city as modern and prosperous as Puerto Vallarta. Driving on dirt and mud roads that would stop most cars, you make your way further and further from the luxury resorts of the PV coastline.   And as development close to the seaside continues, the poor are forced further and further out to where they try to eke out a meager living. The poverty on each side of the street is appalling yet at the end of the dismal trek is a beautiful school surrounded by a fence.  
Photo of Volcanes Primary School soon after being built around 2008.
(The old abandoned school behind it had been left stripped of windows and electrical.)

Thanks to the Volunteer Efforts by Volcanes Parents, the Grounds of Volcanes Primary School are lush with trees.

Welcome to Volcanes Primary School

Colonia Volcanes in Puerto Vallarta

Map of Colonia Volcanes

     It's impressive how one dedicated school principal can accomplish so mush with so little. The government built the new school a few years ago beside the old one that had become too small yet gives little funding for teachers or even such everyday necessities such as toilet paper.    
       Every day, the principal puts her students to work and the grounds are green with grass and have plenty of newly planted trees that will give shade in the coming years. The kids at her school are always so happy and laughing, it's a joy to be around them.
       As you visit the school, you see the remarkable work that Senor Fox of Cafe Roma and Art Fumerton have accomplished so far. They've taken the four stripped and abandoned old classrooms from the old school building and refinished them with new wiring, lighting, and computers. They then organized several volunteers to teach English and computer classes at the schools. 
    Two of the classrooms now have English classes for the kids, the third is the new computer classroom with donated state-of-the-art HP laptops and the fourth classroom is on its way to becoming the school's library. It's all on a shoe-string but it's working. 

Volcanes School

    Below is a live map of the Volcanes School in Puerto Vallarta from which you can click to see a Satellite View as well as Street View of the streets and buildings.

Volcanes School in Puerto Vallarta Mexico