It Takes a Community
    Colonia Volcanes is a small, tightly knit community.  Everyone knows everyone and everyone helps everyone.  So when the city graded the area  in front of the primary school intending the area for a park, the families in Volcanes waited patiently for any government department to build the park.  After one year with no results, they took matters into their own hands.    

    Under the direction of the President of the Volcanes Colonia Council, the families took action.  They installed two soccer goal posts for a simple soccer field, and began a play area for the smaller children.  Within weeks and with the help of the local citizens (no help from the government) a beautiful playground was built with sidewalks, a fountain, benches, a swing set and climbing structures.  The kids love it.  Every afternoon they play in the area waiting for the teachers to arrive for the afternoon English and computer classes.  Once they see the van turn the corner they run to the gate of the school and line up waiting to rush to class. 
    This community effort is what is helping to make the VCEP program so successful. 
Volcanes Primary School is the Pride of the Community
    Every day at the Volcanes Primary School, local mothers continue to do volunteer work to improve the little school and the lives of their children.  The changes are drastic.  From the new Volcanes Primary School building surrounded by a dust field to a lush tree and shade filled property.   
Below is a live map of the Volcanes School in Puerto Vallarta from which you can click to see a Satellite View of the community, its streets and buildings.

Volcanes School in Puerto Vallarta Mexico