2013 - New Reading Program
    There is little disagreement that reading success is key to academic achievement.  Hence, the community library project for Volcanes is in full swing. While we have our "dream library" in mind, and are tirelessly searching for funds to make it a reality, the current library was receiving little use. All of that changed when a particularly savvy volunteer caught wind of our desire to help improve literacy with the Volcanes children. Sandra Wicks, of the Anchorage Rotary Club, put words into action after seeing the present state of the library.

Within a week, she and other club members have rallied together to raise money for 2 brand-new tables in the library, as well as new chairs for the students to utilize. Much to our surprise, Sandra didn't just stop there. She came and read with the children during the week, using her positive attitude to engage the 3rd grade students who were first-timers in library.

    THEN she organized 7 other volunteers to come and continue reading with the Volcanes children, even after she leaves Puerto Vallarta. With support and determination from volunteers like Sandra Hicks and the other members of the Anchorage Rotary Club, we will soon have a fully operational library where one can pass by and here the delightful sound of young children reading in English.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Sandra!