Sponsors of the Volcanes Community Education Project
     We need to thank a lot of people and organizations who have supported us over the past years.  Without their help, we would never have made it.

Platinum Sponsors

     From the beginning of the VCEP, a few key groups, companies and individuals have made a great difference to create and fund our programs and services to the children and families of Colonia Volcanes.

     The VCEP would not exist had they not been generous enough to help us in the beginning to and to keep it growing into what it has become several years later.   

Gold Sponsors

     The VCEP is lucky that so many people have chosen to help the children and families of Colonia Volcanes through our programs.

     For many years, some very generous people and organizations have raised money for books, school supplies, and clothing.  Others have chosen to continue to help bring joy in the lives of the children of Volcanes by sponsoring special events, trips and school parties.    

Silver Sponsors

     On a few occasions, a person or group wanting to help make the world a better place finds out about the VCEP and how it works to improve the lives of the children and families of Colonia Volcanes.

     Whether it's a one time donation to one of our building projects or a special needs fundraising effort, the VCEP would not exist today without their financial contributions.