Gold Sponsorship

     The VCEP is lucky that so many people have chosen to help the children and families of Colonia Volcanes through our programs.

     For many years, some very generous people and organizations have raised money for books, school supplies, and clothing.  Others have chosen to continue to help bring joy in the lives of the children of Volcanes by sponsoring special events, trips and school parties.    

     Here are some of the many People and Organizations we want to thank.

Brent Ranger, Ranger West Financial and Insurance

  • For the past 4 years Brent has brought laptops to the Volcanes Kids Program along with needed replacement parts for our laptops and school supplies

Calgary HP Rotary

  • The Rotary Club of Calgary HP funded our initial purchase of laptops for our computer lab.  Then for the past 6 years has funded both our Volcanes Kids Education program and the Volcanes Sewing School yearly. 
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logo casakarmaCasa Karma

  • Casa Karma organized a large fundraiser for our Volcanes projects and then made a major contribution to our Volcanes Teachers’ Fund.
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Chris & Sheila Jenicki, Campbell BC 

  • For the past 6 years the Jenicki’s have contributed clothing to the families of Volcanes and funded the purchase of four industrial machines for the Sewing School. 

Rich Cashman - “Changing Tomorrow Today Foundation”

  • Rich recently donated funds to support one teacher for the entire school year..  His foundation also funded the complete installation of our new internet system and the monthly fees for the system.

Club Rotario PVR Sur

  • PVRSUR is our home based Rotary club here in Puerto Vallarta and has been the major supporter of our Volcanes Projects for the past 6 years. All donations from other Rotarians flow through the PVRSUR accounts.
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Darlene McAulty - Saskatoon Canada

  • Darlene helped fund the renovation of our Volcanes School library, has donated to both the Kids Program and the Sewing School and has purchases books for our library.

Dina and Andy Heese - Denver CO

  • Since 2011 Dina and Andy have raised funds for the yearly School Christmas Parties. They are active in our summer camp projects and donate monthly to the Teacher’s Fund.  Andy through his company “Safe Money Investors” operates our Pay Pal accounts.

Don and June Baxter - Saskatoon, Canada

  • Make yearly donations to the Teachers Fund & School Parties.  They also contribute to the operations of the Volcanes Sewing School.

Galessiere Family - Manitoba, Canada

  • The Galessiere family has been a solid supporter of our Volcanes projects since the beginning.  They are part of our summer camp program, they contribute yearly to our Teacher’s Fund, they purchase new laptops for our computer lab, and are always there when we need them.

Hard Rock Hotel / Hard Rock Heals Foundation

  • Hard Rock Hotel has been with us from the beginning of our Volcanes Project.  They helped renovate the old primary school building, they donated food and supplies for the families of Volcanes, they have supported each of our School Christmas parties and have contributed books to our library,  Each year they make a major donation to our Teacher’s Fund.  Hard Rock Heals Foundation is the parent company of Hard rock Hotels out of London and for the past two years has donated to our music program.
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Larry and Michele Hyette - Shoppers Wholesale Canada

  • Each year for the past three years Larry and Michele have mad a substantial donation to our Volcanes Teacher’ fund.
IFC (International Friendship Club – Puerto Vallarta)
  • IFC has made donations to our Volcanes Teacher’s Fund for the past 4 years.  They have also arranged trips for our students to the Botanical Gardens. 
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Isa Mundo Foundation - Vancouver, Canada

  • Isa Mundo foundation has been supporting our program for the past 6 years.  They donated new laptops to our computer lab and followed up with laptops for the past few years.  They also made large donations of books to our library.
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Jennifer Liscum and Boys - Mission to Mexico

  • Jennifer and her sons, Devon and Jeremy Liscum, have been supporting the Volcanes Projects for the past 7 years.  Every other year Jennifer brings a group of teachers from the Winnipeg Manitoba areas to our school to teach our teachers and connect with our students.  Every year the Liscum boys have raised money in various fundraising events at their school and donate the proceeds to our Teacher Fund.  During their weekly visits they paint and clean the school and get involved with our students.
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John & Barbara Warren

  • The Warrens have been involved in our Volcanes program since the beginning.  John taught at our old program, School of Champions, and has been involved through the IFC in supporting our Teachers Fund.  They also support 5 students with scholarships.

Megan Shelton

  • Megan was the first English Coordinator at our school and brought a level of professionalism to the English program which is evident to this day.  Through her school in the San Francisco area, she has organized an email to email and Skype presentation involving her class in the US and our class here in Puerto Vallarta.  With our new internet service Skype works amazingly well and the student in both classes can go one on one with each other.  Megan also organizes trips with her students to visit our Volcanes school, bringing supplies, games and lots of interactive fun with both student groups.  They also donate fund to our Teachers Fund.  Megan and her friends support 8 of our students with scholarships.

Peachland Rotary - Canada

  • Peachland Rotary was one of two Rotary Clubs that donated the funds to renovate our two room library.  They have also been involved in supporting our Teacher’s Fund and Sewing School. 
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Peter Jendrick, Summerside PEI, Canada
  • Each year for the past 5 years raises funds for Christmas Parties and the School Teachers Fund as well as helps teach English to Volcanes Moms and Children. 
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Rob and Patrick - Kamloops BC  
  • For the past 5 years have yearly BBQ Fundraising for Christmas Parties and the School Teachers Fund.
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Ron Fahey & Amy Finch

  • They have been involved with Volcanes projects since the beginning and with the School of Champions for several years before the start of Volcanes.  They are retired professors and Department Heads at Fort Hays State University in Kansas and have helped us develop the various programs at our Volcanes Kids Education Program.  They contribute monthly to our teachers’ fund, supporting one teacher.

Santa Barbara Rotary and SB Sister Cities Committee

  • Both groups have been involved in the support of the Volcanes Sewing School, donating operating funds and purchasing industrial sewing machines.
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Saskatoon Rotary

  • Saskatoon Rotary is the other club that donated funds to renovate our Volcanes library.  They also contribute to the Teachers Fund and through their Charitable Trust Foundation issue tax receipts to all of our Canadian donors.
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Tom Landry - New Brunswick, Canada

  • Tom does Yearly Fundraising for Teacher's Fund, Web Site, School Building Project Designs, and Kindergarten Christmas Parties. Tom has also been an integral part of our Volcanes Project from the beginning and is a constant consultant/contributor to the administration of our project.

Lisa and Jeff Thompson

  • They contribute yearly to our Teacher’s Fund (For the past 4 years)

Dave and Heather Betters

  • The Betters family support three teachers each month through our Teachers Fund, for the past year.  Dave also has purchases music stands for our band and a large screen TV for our renovated music room.


  • Sewing Seeds International Foundation established the sewing program in Volcanes – The Volcanes Sewing School.  They purchased 32 machines and brought professional sewers from Calgary to teach our first class of 30 women.  Since that first class they have been strong supports of our sewing program contributing funds and supplies.
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  • Southwestern AdvantageTrey and Elisa visited our school last summer and said they were looking for a program to donate funds to.  They employ 1,500 university students for three months during the summer to sell their product (school assistant books) throughout the US.  Part of the proceeds is donated to a charity that the students choose.  After discussing our new Community Center project they decided to donate to that project.  They donated $20,000 US to the Community Center and then brought 90 university students to Vallarta to see our school and the project.  Their donation got the Center started, phase one was completed March 2018 
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Alex and Lorne Ludlum, - Napa Valley Rotary, California, USA

  • They contribute to the Teachers Fund and purchased 20 Amazon Fire Readers for our Volcanes Book Club.