Every year for the past 5 years, Devon and Jermy Liscum raise money at their schools for the children in the after school programs in the poor areas of Puerto Vallarta.  This year they exceeded their goals and raised more money and school supplies than any previous year.  They hold a variety of fundraising events during the year, including selling candy and food at several schools in their section of  Winnipeg, Canada. 
    The even have their own Web Site to explain their fundraising efforts. http://ourmissiontomexico.weebly.com/ 

    After each visit to Puerto Vallarta they make a powerpoint presentation 
of their visit and show it to schools in their area.  The results have been 
fantastic.  Not only do they raise money and suppñies for our program,
they are interviewed by CBC, Canada’s National Broadcasting entity 
and make many adults aware of the needs in less fortunate areas outside 
Canada, but they set a wonderful example for other children to share 
their good fortune with less fotunates.  Every year the program that 
Devon and Jeremy operate on their own, gets bigger and involves more 
students in the Winnipeg area.  What an incredible example these boys 
give to the rest of us.   The chldren of Volcanes thank you and look
forward to seeing you again next year.