FHSU - Our Education Partner
    Fort Hays State University is located in central Kansas in the city of Fort Hays.  It is a medium sized university with a large Education Department at both the under graduate and graduate level. FHSU is a leader in on-line education with students from many countries participating in their various programs. Several professors visited our Volcanes program and decided that they would like to partner with us in an innovative on-line, interactive exchange program.

    The university and individual professors purchased a large flat screen T.V. with computer and video camera for two of our classrooms. The professors and students in the Education Department at FHSU began observing our grade 3 and 4 English classes over the Skype network. One of our English teachers is also enrolled in the FHSU Masters program and acts in a liaison capacity as well as teaching full time in our program.

The FHSU Program has 4 phases:

  • Phase 1 - Fort Hayes Students will Observe Teachers and Students in English Sessions via Skype Internet Connection.
  • Phase 2 – Create Supplemental Teaching Tools over the Internet.
  • Phase 3 – Begin Interacting with Teaching Lesson to Students.
  • Phase 4 – Eventually Include Fort Hays Teaching Students in Volcanes Program School.

    Long Range Objectives Include English Classes for Adults, Community Library Program, Area Beautification and Primary School Projects. 

    We look forward to continuing our relationship with FHSU and expanding the scope of the program