Patrick & Rob - Fundraisers - Kamloops, BC

    Patrick and Rob are residents of Kamloops British Columbia.  They've been coming to Puerto Vallarta for the first few weeks of December for many years and they would donate to the Christmas Toy drive as they knew how much need was present in the poor areas of Puerto Vallarta.  
    They've been helping by collecting donations for the toy drive since 2011 and each year their contributions have increased.  This has helped tremendously as each year the number of students attending the Volcanes Primary School have also risen.

2016 Special Fundraising of $ 1,500

     In December of 2016, Patrick and Rob met with Art Fumerton with $ 1,500 they had raised.  Art wanted to see
where Patrick and Rob enjoy themselves during their yearly 2 weeks in Puerto Vallarta.  Art was given the money along with one of
the city's best Margarita.  A special thanks to Patrick and Rob for their yearly donation campaign.
     Patrick and Rob also want to thank those who helped them raise these funds this year:
    • Bev. and Linda
    • Peter's Pasta
    • Cookie - For Sharing her Beautiful Home for the Fund-Raing BBQ
    • Craig's Bakery
    • Girls at Atlas Restaurant
    • Dave and Emma C.
    • Bill & John
    • Dorothy at Winner's Homesence - For Donating Gift Card,
    • Una McInnes - For donating gifts for silent auction & more,
    • The Dodwells from Saskatchewan - For donating cash every year for this cause
From left to right -  Patrick, Art (sitting and holding C$ 1,500 ), Tom and Rob on Nov. 29, 2016
To see pictures of that Christmas Party as well as hand-made signs made by the children
to thank those who donated and helped Patrick and Rob in raising that money:

2015 Special Fundraising of $ 1,700

     In December of 2015, Patrick and Rob met with Art Fumerton with $ 1,700 they had raised. 

       With the help of several businesses and the special friend Cookie, Patrick and Rob set out to raise even more money for he children of Volcanes.  The children of the school set about to do special signs to thank them and their supporters.  
     But not all their hand-made signs made it to the party.
One sign thanking a Kamloops contributor did not survive the juice volunteer.  
Sorry Cookie, 
your sign was covered in grape juice 
but best wishes and many thanks go out to you.

The children wanted to thank the 
People of Kamloops for their Support.

Thank you so much Kamloops

Thanks also go out to Gerry and “Fresh is Best” from Kamloops

Thank You Gerry and “Fresh is Best” in KamloopsBC

The kids also wanted to thank Peter and Jackie at Peter’s Pasta in Kamloops, BC

Thanks to Peter and Jackie at Peter’s Pasta in Kamloops, BC

2014 Special Fundraising of $ 1,235
   As always, Patrick and Rob would like to thank the people who gave of themselves and their generosity and allowed them to personally give Art Fumerton their $ 1,235 they had raised.  A special thank you to:
  • Their good friend Cookie for letting them throw their fourth Mexican pool party at her beautiful house. 
  • Peter’s Pasta for their continued Generous support.  It helped a lot.  
  • Gerry and Fresh is Best Salsa Co. Kamloops, BC. for their great donation. Everyone enjoyed the chips and salsa etc. 
Patrick and Rob would also like to thank all their guests for their continued support of our Mexican pool party to help raise money for the children of Volcanes Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  There are also some bigger donors  that need to be mentioned: 
  • Michel M.,  
  • John and Bill,  
  • Tom and Harvey,  
  • Chris B.,  
  • Emma C.,  
  • Rob’s Family who attended the pool party and good donation. 
  • Patrick's great niece Anna and his family who donated when he went back home to visit.   
    Due to everyone's generosity, Patrick and Rob raised the most money ever in 2014; a total of $1235.00. 

2013 Special Fundraising of $ 865

    Patrick and Rob have done a great fundraising job for several years and each year's contribution continues to outdo the previous year.  We are ever grateful for their help.  They particularly want to thank the following people who helped:
  • For Cookie for opening up her House for the third year, so we could have a pool party. 
  • We'd like to thank Peter’s Pasta in (Kamloops BC) for the Great donation and the Best Pasta ever.  
  • We'd also like to thank GALA Kamloops,  
  • Also (Robs mom ) Una McInnes for donating some Prizes for party and let's not forget my mom Marie Dodwell.  
  • And Janine Dubyk, from Saskatchewan Jessie from Kamloops and everyone who come to the pool party with all your help we raised $865.00 in total.

2012 Special Fundraising of $ 805

     In their second year or raising money for the children of Volcanes, Patrick and Rob did even more work as they knew that the goal of 400 presents was going to be difficult to reach.    In 2012 two Christmas Parties were to be held at the Volcanes school and provide gifts for all 250 boys and girls attending the morning session at the Volcanes School as well as the 150 other (often poorer) children in the new afternoon session of the school.   In Mexico, money is always tight with government schools so they divide the students into two groups and use the school twice each day.  Half attend school in the morning from about 7am until 1pm then these kids go home and are replaced by another group of children from 2pm. till 7pm.  Each session has their own teachers and principal.   In 2011, only the 250 attending the morning school program were enrolled in the Volcanes School Program.  Now all students are enrolled so we wanted to make certain they each got presents this year.  
    Until they arrived in Puerto Vallarta, the two parties were facing only buying presents for Grades 1 to 5 and none for the Grade 6 boys and girls.   There just wasn't enough money. Their selfless act allowed every child at the Volcanes School in both the morning and afternoon school programs to receive presents.  
    They raised an amazing $ 805 for the Children's Toys thus paying for one out of every six toys purchased.  All in all a greatly appreciated amount of money and it made the difference between buying presents for most of the children or all of them.  Patrick and Rob wanted to give a great thank you to the folks back in Kamloops who helped them with their fundraising as well as "Peter's Pasta," "Gala Kamloops," and their good friend Cookie who hosted their fundraisers two years in a row.

Patrick & Rob thank the People of Kamloops BC for their support of Vallarta's poorest children.
Rob (left), Senor Fox (Center, Owner of Cafe Roma & Sponsor of Free Pizza Parties for the kids), & Patrick (Left)

Patrick & Rob hope that Dorothy @ Winners will support their campaign next year.
Rob (left), Senor Fox (Center, Owner of Cafe Roma & Sponsor of Free Pizza Parties for the kids), & Patrick (Left)

    Unlike the previous year, the 2012 Christmas parties were held mid-week instead of on Saturday allowing Partick & Rob to travel over an hour by local bus to the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta to Colonia Volcanes the poorest neighborhood in the city.  Within the poverty of the area stands the Volcanes school where the parents and volunteers work to help the next generation out of the cycle of poverty. Patrick and Rob worked under the blazing sun delivering food to the children and helped supervise the joyful chaos which happens when the boys and girls line up and get to select their own toy for Christmas.

Rob (left) with bags of burgers helps Peter (center from PEI who pays each year for the food) and Patrick (right) 
delivering Burger King burgers and fries to each of the 250 boys and girls at the morning party.

The joy of the faces of the children as they get to select their own toy makes all the months of fundraising worth it.
2011 Special Fundraising of $ 500

    That year, Patrick and Rob decided that instead of a making a personal yearly contribution to the toy campaign, they would try to help a little more by doing some fundraising in their home town of Kamloops.   They held their own fundraising pool party and BBQ at their good friend Cookie's home. They invited friends and family and instead of letting people bring chips, pop, or something for the meal, they asked those attending bring a donation for the kids.  They arrived in Puerto Vallarta with the $ 500 raised through their efforts.  
    Patrick and Rob went to the Cafe Roma, (  which is the local sponsor of the Volcanes Community Education Project (VCEP) where their donation was received by Tom Landry, a New Brunswicker whose been organizing the toy drive every year and Art Fumerton who heads the WCEP.   Because of Patrick and Rob's work, the 2011 Christmas Party had toys for each of the morning school children at the Volcanes School.