Peter Jendrick's Yearly Contribution to a Special Day
    Peter Jendrick, a businessman from Summerside PEI Canada, has been coming to Puerto Vallarta for a few weeks for several years.  Peter has three daughters and is a loving and doting grand-father many times over.  Since coming to Mexico, Peter made it a point to get to learn more about the people of the city and how they live.   Peter met Art Fumerton who's objective has been working at educating and feeding the poor since 1998. 

    In 2010, during a conversation, Art mentioned to Peter that the children were excited about the upcoming Christmas Party.  Money had been raised through donations for a gift for each child yet there were no funds left over to pay for the Burger King burger and fries combo the children were all hoping for.  
    Peter stepped in with a contribution to pay for burgers and fries for over 230 children at that year's Christmas Party.  The children were over the top with the party and their treat of real "Burger King" burger and fries.   It meant a lot to these boys and girls.

The next year in 2011, over 270 children attended the 
Volcanes S
Christmas Party 
and again Peter came through and paid for the food for these children.

In 2012, Peter raised the money to buy food for over 400 boys and girls at the Volcanes School Christmas Party
and worked as a volunteer serving the Burgers and fries to the children.

After the burgers and fries, Peter and the team of volunteers worked at getting each child a piece of Christmas Cake.
Once all the children were fed, Peter passed extra food to hungry families watching the party from outside the school's fence.

    Luckily in 2013, Peter came through again for a fourth year in a row, to pay the cost of the food for 450 children attending the Christmas Parties.  

    But in 2014, it had been decided that both shifts of students at the Volcanes Primary School would attend the Christmas parties for a total of almost 470 children.  Also to be included were the two area Kindergartens.  This meant that a smaller party for 109 children at the Volcanes Kinder would be held along with another for the 50 tots at the Lomas San Nicolas Kinder.
    Peter worked to raise the $ 1,100 needed to pay for the Hot dogs, Chips, Juice and especially the Christmas Cakes.  Many thank to Peter for his selfless generosity.  Once again these children enjoyed a fabulous and memorable Christmas Party because of the generosity of an individual who cares!  

    2014 was also the year Peter began working at the school.  Twice a week, Peter would travel more than one hour by bus to the school and help teach English to mothers of Volcanes as well as to Secondary School students.   After that another long bus ride would take him home.  Very few people on vacation are willing to give of themselves for 2 days a week but Peter made the commitment and persevered.  We watched and saw him enjoy his time within this community.

Peter's English students on Tuesday's and Thursdays