Rotary Sponsors Eye Exams For Volcanes Primary Students
Pepe Arellano, President of Club Rotario Puerto Vallarta Sur A. C. arranged with an eye specialist, Dr. Hernandez from Guadalajara, to come to Volcanes Primary school and test those students who had problems seeing the white board and other things in the classroom. 35 students told their teacher that they had problems seeing in the classroom. They included students from grades 3 through 6.
    The Doctor gave each of the students a thorough eye test and then fitted them with the appropriate lenses. Of the 35 students who signed up for the examination, 33 required glasses. This was quite a surprise to the teachers and the volunteers in our program. We were not aware of the extent of this problem. We are now aware of the necessity of frequent eye examinations for all students. 
    Each student was given a choice of a variety of frames offered by the Doctor. He made several trips from Guadalajara to make sure these children received the proper eye care. Club Rotario Puerto Vallarta Sur covered most of the expenses of this program as a part of their ongoing eye care project. 
    Many thanks to Dr. Hernandez and his assistants for giving our students the tools that they need to become successful as they continue through their education experience.

Many thanks to Doctor Hernandez and the Rotary Club Vallarta Sur