Platinum Sponsorship
From the beginning of the VCEP, a few key groups, companies and individuals have made a great difference to create and fund our programs and services to the children and families of Colonia Volcanes. 
The VCEP would not exist had they not been generous enough to help us in the beginning to and to keep it growing into what it has become several years later.    

  • Father Éloi
  •      in 2010, Father Éloi Arseault of the small Acadian French community of Egmond Bay in Prince Edward Island Canada came to Puerto Vallarta for the first time.  Within weeks of arriving, he began seeing the need around him and the incredible poverty that families in this tourist paradise.   (Click Here)

    •     On Saturday afternoons during the winter months and while school is in session, Cafe Roma welcomes the children from the Volcanes School for free pizza.  It's a chance for tourists visiting Puerto Vallarta for a holiday to volunteer and help serve pizzas and drinks to the kids.   
          It's always a blast and the children always enjoy it.   

      Roberta and Ray Groff
          Here's an example of one person making such a huge difference.  Roberta Groff of Calgary, Alberta Canada operates a small charity they call “Angel Threads.” She and her husband Ray do a great deal to help people in Canada and in poorer countries around the world.   (Click Here)