Angel Threads Clothing Donations - Roberta Groff of Calgary
    Here's an example of one person making such a huge difference.
    Roberta Groff of Calgary, Alberta Canada operates a small charity they call “Angel Threads.” She and her husband Ray do a great deal to help people in Canada and in poorer countries around the world.
    One of the charitable projects among many others is to donate new clothing coming from COSTCO and other Canadian manufacturers and retailers, to the needy children and their families in the Puerto Vallarta area. 
    For the past 4 years Roberta has been actively involved in helping the Down Syndrome foundation, various church groups and the Volcanes School Puerto Vallarta. Roberta has seen our new program at the school and wants to partner with us on helping clothes some of the families in the area. 

    Roberta asked that we get clothing sizes from each of the family members for all of the children who are involved in our Volcanes School Project. There are approximately 180 families who have children in the Volcanes school's kindergarten, primary and secondary programs. So for the 2011/2012 season, the Angel Threads foundation has committed to get new clothes to at least 100 of those families.

    As each family receives the clothing package, they must commit to helping at the school in one way or another. In most cases, it means a promise to volunteer at least 2 hours helping clean, paint, repair, or improve the school grounds. This way the Volcanes school will get the help to maintain the facilities and the parents will see the program first hand and become more involved. 

    The clothing in sorted and bagged by family then stuffed into large used suitcases donated to or purchased by Roberta at garage sales. Then the Angel "Wings" part comes in. Local families volunteer to take them with them on their vacation to Puerto Vallarta as their 2nd check-in piece of luggage. Roberta then spoke to Westjet Airlines in Calgary and company officials agreed to allow their passengers to bring these suitcases full of clothes to Puerto Vallarta for free as a second bag for free. This has made a tremendous amount of difference.


    Roberta and her husband Ray were in Puerto Vallarta recently and met up with Art Fumerton. She was very pleased with the way the clothing has been accepted and distributed.
    Roberta needs volunteers to carry the suitcases so she takes the suitcases to the airport in Calgary, meets up with Puerto Vallarta bound travelers and gives them the bags to carry as well as the documentation they need to avoid any extra luggage charges. These travelers are doing a good deed, and with the help of the airline, each bag filled with clothes for two to three complete families gets to those needy families in Mexico. Once the travelers land in Puerto Vallarta, they are met at the airport by someone who is ready to take the bags filled with clothes back to the Volcanes school.
    Then when clothes for enough families have arrived, they are contacted and told to come by the Volcanes school where they can come by and pick up their families clothing. Look at the slideshow below which was taken on January 7, 2012 to see the joy and wonderful work being done by Angel Threads and Roberta. 

Clothing Volcanes Famlies