Weekly Cafe Roma Pizza Parties
    Since 2011, every Saturday afternoon while school is in session, Cafe Roma has welcomed the kids from the Volcanes School to his restaurant and offers them free pizza.   It's a chance for tourists visiting Puerto Vallarta for a holiday to volunteer and help serve pizzas and drinks to the kids.  In the fall of 2017 the new owner of Cafe Roma; Jason Fiddler, has offered to continue that tradition to the delight of the children.
    It's always a blast and everyone enjoys it. I really enjoy passing my little digital camera to the kids at each table and getting them to take pictures of themselves. They truly get a kick out of it. Take a look below at some of their own pictures they've taken.
    Every week, many of the same faces come over to help, but there is always room for a new tourist in town to come by and lend us a hand. From serving the children pizzas, topping up their drinks, to cleaning up after they leave. It's all fun for the small group. 
    If you're in PV for a Saturday, be at the Cafe Roma at 2:00 to 2:15. The kids arrive soon after that and it's a rush for an hour that. The kids normally leave around 3:30.  Then the volunteers can sit back and enjoy a great pizza of their own or sip on one of the city's best Margaritas.

Volunteers help feed Pizza and Juice to the children

Cafe Roma, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Saturdays at 2:30PM Puerto Vallarta time. 
11:30 Alaska / 12:30 Pacific / 1:30 Mountain / 2:30 Central Time Zone / 3:30 Eastern / 4:50 Atlantic

(Pizza Parties Photos are in Order of Date)