Kenya’s 2011 Christmas Party
    Kim Kieler lives in Serra Del Mar, south of town and every year around Christmas her family visits her , including her granddaughter Kenya.  For the past two years Kenya has asked her grandmother if she could give up her Christmas and birthday presents and instead give a party for some  of the poor children in Puerto Vallarta.  
    In 2011, she invited 50 children from Volcanes to a party at her grandmothers house on  December 29.  We loaded the  Volcanes kids on  a chartered bus for the long trip to Serra del Mar.  The party was fantastic.  The children enjoyed the beautiful home, the incredible food and games, and the  wonderful presents.  Each child was given a large bag filled with  presents.  All of this because Kenya wanted to help the children less fortunate than her.  Thank you Kenya.  
    What a wonderful lesson for all of us.

Kenya's December 29, 2011 Christmas Party