Kenya's 2012 Christmas Pizza and Movie Day Party

Kenya's Christmas Pizza & Movie Day

    Kenya is a young girl from the US who started something special in 2010. She told her family that she felt she had everything she could ever want and asked that they take the money for any Christmas presents and do something special for poor and needy children. Each year more children from Volcanes receive a special day they will always remember. 
    The planned outing for 60 boys and girls was so anticipated that almost 90 attended. Awaiting the luxury bus at 9AM were happy excited children who couldn't wait for the day to begin. A trip to a local children's pizza parlor and video arcade had all the children making their own pizzas, watching them get cooked, get free re-fills of actual cola.  We loaded 77 children and three adults on the bus and filled the van with another 12 children and 4 adults.  
    We got the children to the Pizza Parlor at 10AM and all 88 children had a great time making their own pizza and playing on the video arcade machines.
    Then it 12:30 and it was back on the bus to see the new Disney Christmas movie, "Jack Frost" at 1PM.  When we asked the children how many had never gone to see a movie, 61 of the 77 children on the bus had never been to one.  The cost of a movie is much more than most Volcanes families can afford.
    It was wonderful to watch as the 88 children enthralled by this film and afternoon.  Each child was given their own popcorn and soda and the group was given a private theater were they enjoyed the two hour movie.
    Then it was 3:15 and it was back on the bus for the ride home.  We arrived back at the Volcanes school at 4PM and by then almost all of the children we sleeping after such a full day of fun and enjoyment.  One little fellow passed out soon after we left the theater and looking through our day's pictures we though you might like to see the day through his eyes.

Emilio's day
Emilio in the white and blue is excited to get on the bus.
Even 4 to a seat, they have such joy on their faces.

 In the hot kitchen, Emilio shows off the impressive Pizza he made himself.
Emilio is walking into his first movie theater.

Somewhere laughing among the almost eighty children is Emilio.

He's always wanting to be first and make other laugh.

After a day of fun and laughter, Emilio and most of the other boys and girls fall asleep on the bus ride home.
Thank you Kenya and her grandparents Soren (Blue shirt left) and Kim (far right).
They made all the difference.