Kenya's 2013 Christmas Pizza and Movie Day Party
   Every year, Kim, Soren their family and friends arrange for a special day trip for children from Volcanes. Soon after Christmas of 2014, the excitement was palpable as the 90 children waited for the two buses to slowly make their way to the Volcanes school on barely passable dirt roads. So bad in fact that the large luxury buses could only get to 3 or 4 blocks from the school. Nevertheless, by 8:30, the children were aboard and on their way to the Gardens. What followed were tours of the grounds on nature paths, visits to the new Orchidarium, and lots of information about Mexican plants and flowers. Lunch for the children was followed with by a lecture about raising plants. The children were then each given a bag of soil and a seed to try to win a prize by raising the best plant. They all loved their day and before leaving, their names were drawn and each was able to select a gift, Needless to say the bus ride home was a lot quieter as most quickly went to sleep.
    Way to go Kim and Soren, their family and their friends for such a wonderful day out for the children. They may live in Puerto Vallarta but for many it's their first glimpse at life outside their small poor community.  For them it will always remain a very special day of discovery and fun.