Donating Neo-Natal Infant Head Caps & Blankets to PV Hospital  
    Back in 2011, 
Nell and David of BC, Canada wanted to donate 50 Neo-Natal Infant Head Caps as well as several Baby Blankets Nell had knitted in her free time.  Art Fumerton arranged for a meeting with 
Eva, the hospital's social worker who accepted them gladly on behalf of the Puerto Vallarta Regional Hospital in Magesterio.  These caps go a long way in helping poor families tend to their tiny new arrivals.
     Since then, Nell has continued her work of providing the hospital and most importantly the pre-term babies in need of these important and often life saving caps and blankets which allow them to stay warm until their bodies learn how to regulate their temperature. Nell and the Hospital Social worker Ava have become very close over the years and it is always a trill to see each other and catch up. Once year, when Nell and David were dropping off her yearly knitting contribution, Ava saw a you couple leaving the hospital with their tint new born baby. It gave Nell and David such joy to offer them a blanket and be able to place a cap on the child in her mothers arms.  She immediately saw how thankful and appreciative by the loving smiles of happiness of their faces.

In March of 2018, Nell and David delivered these 40 Head Caps lovingly made for pre-term babies.  
Nell and David also delivered 20 blankets in March of 2018 which Nell knitted for pre-term babies.  

In March of 2016, Social Worker Ava received 18 Blankets and 20 Bonnets from Nell.

While Nell and David were waiting to donate the 18 Blankets and 20 Bonnets to the hospital,
a baby was born to this proud father and his mother-in-law who were very pleased at the generous donations.

     Over the years, Nell has continued her friendship with Ava who is the social worker at the Magesterio Regional Hospital.  She sees the need every day as poor families come in and have little resources to keep their new-born children healthy.  Especially when children are born prior to nine months.  For these babies, keeping warm is a life critical matter.  Their March of 2016 donation of another 18 Blankets and 20 Bonnets are tribute to another year's loving knitting done by Nell.  
      Thank you Nell & Dave.