Phase 2 - Planning and Building New Sewing Co-operative
     In the coming few years, the Second Phase of this long project is to build a new Sewing Manufacturing Co-operative.  This will take building a new building capable of providing permanent employment to 100 people.  This design built building will have equipment able to used to create and manufacture hundreds of types of products.  From school uniforms to backpacks to Hotel & Restaurant service uniforms.  The need is there and with the Sewing School next door providing trained locals, profits from this new enterprise can be pumped back into the Volcanes community as wages and support.  Click below for more information on what will be needed to build this New Sewing Manufacturing Co-operative.

     The next big project for the VCEP is to use land next to the newly renovated Sewing School and build a true Sewing Manufacturing Co-Op. This new factory could provide long-term employment for up to 100 local area mothers while the renovated Sewing School next door provide day-care for their toddlers. The financial effect of having jobs within Colonia Volcanes would also help raise the standard of living of some of the poorest people in the city. 
    The Sewing School next door is already renovated to include a small Day-Care area to be used by the local mothers learning and working at the school and later on in the factory.  By rotating the care of each other's children among themselves, they can continue to attend school and later on earn money into the household.  The potential employment of as many as 100 local mothers will greatly improve the lives of the families and children of Colonia Volcanes.    
   As the sewing students receive their certificates of completion of the sewing course, they will have several options to use that certificate to secure employment. They will be able to; seek employment with existing sewing manufacturing businesses in Puerto Vallarta, purchase a sewing machine with a micro loan and work at home, or join a manufacturing cooperative that will be created in Volcanes to manufacture and sell product made by these sewing school graduates.  This co-op will be a Mexican non-profit Sewing Co-op formed by the members of the Volcanes community, with the advice council of outside businessmen.  Later on, a manufacturing facility will be built alongside the Sewing School to accommodate about 30 sewing machines and accompanying equipment to make it a full scale Sewing Manufacturing Plant.   This Sewing Co-op will employ about 50 worker per shift, and eventually will have 2 shifts.  These workers will primarily come from Volcanes and will be mostly moms who live in Colonia Volcanes.  
     A marketing study will be commissioned with help from UNIVA graduate students and will solicit business from the municipal government’s distribution of uniforms and back packs to the poorer primary schools in the region. The basic marketing idea is to sell product to the tourists industry, that is made right here in Puerto Vallarta by moms from Volcanes and surrounding communities.  Though the construction of the new Sewing Manufacturing Plant next to the Sewing School will not occur until 2015, some production using the Sewing School's machines after school hours can be accomplished before the new plant is built.
     Excess profits will support the Volcanes Sewing School and the Volcanes Community Education Project.

Next door to the Newly Opened Volcanes Sewing School is an empty lot perfect to build on.

Plans are underway to find funding to open Volcanes Sewing Manufacturing Co-op in 2015.

Floor Plan of the new Volcanes Sewing Manufacturing Co-op 

Click below for more information on what it took to build this Sewing School.