Sewing Project

     Work began in late 2013 on a long term project to bring much needed employment to one of the poorest neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta.  The first part of bringing in jobs and income to Colonia Volcanes is recognizing that it is the mothers of children who need to be helped as they are often single and at home unable to earn money to help their children stay in school.   If the dream of creating jobs is to be realized, the first task is to train local mothers and then follow that up by creating small co-operative manufacturing business run by the mothers themselves.  
     The First Phase of this long term project is to train local area mothers in the art of Sewing.  But instead of a one time training session in a temporary location, plans began to build a permanent Sewing School to continue to train women over the coming years.  This process is already underway and the school will open in January of 2015.
     The Second Phase of this long project is to build a new Sewing Manufacturing Co-operative.  This will take building a new building capable of providing permanent employment to 100 people.  This design built building will have equipment able to used to create and manufacture hundreds of types of products.  From school uniforms to backpacks to Hotel & Restaurant service uniforms.  The need is there and with the Sewing School next door providing trained locals, profits from this new enterprise can be pumped back into the Volcanes community as wages and support.