Building a New Community Center 

     In early 2017, the success of the VCEP was beginning to push the existing School Facilities to the breaking point.  What was being accomplished by the VCEP came to the attention of several levels of government and local businesses.  The level of poverty was declining in the small Colonia as the literacy rate increased along with the number of children continuing to stay in school. 
    In December of 2015, the State Government gave the VCEP school over 40 beautiful new musical instruments while a local hotel donated the salary for a music teacher for a year.  The parents were so proud of these expensive instruments being given to their children and support for the new Music Program was immediate.  But for almost 50 students along with their instruments fitting in one classroom let alone being able to practice was very difficult.  What was needed was a new space large enough for them to practice but able to be used by the community in other ways.  But how to build it was the problem.  
    The VCEP is always struggling to pay their teachers salaries as well as the few monthly expenses as most charities prefer not funding day to day operations in other countries.  However, when it comes to building; or most commonly called "Brick and Mortar Projects" organizations across the US and Canada are always looking to fund projects that make a difference.  
     In meetings with the local Volcanes Community Leaders, the parents of the schoolchildren expressed that they would love to have a Volcanes Community Center where they could meet to watch their children perform music, receive school diplomas, celebrate community events and become an even more important part of the community.
Construction Begins
Construction Begins in November 2017

The New Community Center as seen from the Street
will be attached to the end of the Existing School Building

With room for over 200 seats, the New Community Center will also Double as a Stage Area