2012 - Special Volcanes Library Project
More books arrive every day.
    When the new primary school for grades 1 to 6 was built in 2007 in Colonia Volcanes, the overcrowded and dilapidated schoolhouse built by a Canadian Aid Agency a decade before was abandoned.  The empty building sat alongside the new school with its electrical wiring and fixtures stripped leaving the building as an unusable shell.  In 2011, work began n refurbishing three of these five classrooms to create a new Computer Classroom as well as two Classrooms to teach English.  
    The fourth and fifth classroom were left unused until groups from the US and Canada began donating books for the school.  A dream of Directora (Principal) Carmella was to have a Library in her small school but so much work needed to be done before that could be realized. 
     Early in January of 2013, Art began planning what he thought would take three years.  But with a great deal of help from the local chapter of Rotary Vallarta Sur as well as major funding from two Canadian Rotaries, the new Library officially opened on November 8, 2013 less than 10 months after initial plans began.  
    The Volcanes Community Education Project Library is open week-ends and evenings allowing primary school children, secondary school students with need to connect to the internet as well as local adults to use it.  The Library has free Wi-Fi Internet for local residents as well as more senior students a place with good lighting, laptops and a printer to complete needed homework assignments.  The completed Library is used for community meetings, health seminars, and other continuing education uses. A large flat screen TV at the front of the Reading/Study room also permits the community to view movies and other special presentations.   

Needing to be thanked are:
Financial Contributors:
    • Rotary Club of Peachland, B.C. 
    • Rotary District 5060, B.C. 
    • Rotary Club of Saskatoon. Sask. 
    • Jim and Kathy Weber 
    • Arlene Jurgenson 
    • Darline McAulay 
    • Donald McAulay 
Books and Materials Contributions:
    • Ron Fahey - Ft. Hays State University 
    • Luis Zuñiga - UNIVA 
    • British American School 
    • Sandra Wicks 
    • Isa Mundo Foundation 
    • Hard Rock Hotel 
    • Ashley Warkentin
From Volcanes :
    • Directora Carmela Mendez, 
    • Josefina Bravo 
    • Mavi Bañuelos 
    • Especially the Volcanes MOMS.