Our major operating expense in the Volcanes Project is funding the teachers.  Our teachers at the school teach five days a week and are paid  between 9,000 and 10,000 pesos per month (about US$ 515 to 570).  In order to ensure that we have the funds available to continue with the program and to continue to have the best teachers available, we need help to pay for the teachers.  We are asking individuals or groups to sponsor a  teacher, $10,000 pesos per month for 10 months.   

Interested in Sponsoring a Teacher?
If you would like 
to Sponsor a teacher, please contact : 
  • Volcanes Community Education Project

    Art Fumerton, 
    VCEP Program Director

    Telephone : Calling from US & Canada Dial : 
    011-52-1 + 

    From Mexico : 

Teacher’s Fund Supporters
The following individuals have made significant contributions to the Teacher’s Fund: 
  • Jim and Kathy Weber - Saskatoon Rotary 
    In addition to raising funds for this year's Becas’ scholarships, they contributed funds for a teacher for a full year. They are constantly looking for ways to help our program We appreciate their support over the years. 
  • Darlene McAulay - Saskatoon, Canada 
    Darlene is Kathy’s mother and a retired teacher. She understands the need for a good teacher to get the best out of students. She also contributed funds for a teacher for a full year. 
  • Gary and Brian - Calgary Rotary 
    Brian and Gary and their Calgary Rotary club have been actively supporting Puerto Vallarta Sur for a number of years. They have donated funds for 25 musical instruments at Secondaria 81, and another 75 instruments to UNIVA’s orchestra. In addition, last year they funded 10 new laptops for our computer lab. This year they donate funds for a teacher for a full year, and some school supplies. They continue to strongly support our educational programs.
  • Roberta Groff - Calgary Alberta Canada 
    Roberta is the founder of ANGEL THREADS in Calgary, Canada. Angel Threads over the past 4 years has provided new clothing to the familias in the poor areas of Puerto Vallarta and particularly in Volcanes. This year Roberta in addition to the clothing, has made a large donation to the Teacher’s Fund Her continued support has been instrumental in the success of our program at Volcanes.
  • Gary Sparks from Canada 
    Gary has been spending winters in Puerto Vallarta for the past several years. He has been helping our program both at the School of Champions and now at the Volcanes Project.  Gary has also stepped forward with a substancial donation to the Teacher’s Fund. He is committed to helping continue the work of educating the children of Volcanes.
  • Father Éloi Arsenault from Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Father Éloi is a retired priest who also spend the winters in Puerto Vallarta. He has been helping out at the Café Roma pizza parties for our children and has over the past few years raised funds for our teachers. To everyone's surprise, including himself, he's raised donations from more than 70 people from the area, exceeding his exceptions by ten fold. He also is committed to helping our program and will continue with his fund raising efforts over the summer.
  • Guy de Mangeon, from Santa Barbara, California
    Guy is “the Berry Man” from Santa Barbara and  is a member of the Rotary both in Santa Barbara and here in Puerto Vallarta. As well as funding scholarships for 40 to 50 students each year through Club Rotario, Puerto Vallarta Sur, he has graciously donated funds